Day 286 – 298

20190609_162915After recovering from the tiredness from the camp, I went to the hospital for my treatment on May 30th. First I had the spinal tap for which I had to stay hungry overnight, which I do  not like at all. Then I got the Vincristine and Methotrexate because my ANC was 1410 and the Hb 11.1. The best news that the doctor gave me was that I can go back to school for rest of the days. I was so excited about that and was getting ready to go to school on Monday June 3rd. Just then, I started with the low grade fever over the weekend. I was feeling okay but did not want to eat and the temperature was staying between 99 and 100.6 so the doctor said to watch it. I was getting nervous whether I will be able to go back to school on Monday or not. So I went to hospital on Monday morning to get checked but I made sure that I take my school bag just in case. Doctor checked me out and said that I am doing well and no need to worry. She gave me okay to go to school and I forced my dad to drop me to school even if it was so late. Doctor was surprised to see that I was so eager to go to school. My mom called the school to inform that I was coming and when I reached school my counselor was waiting for me. It felt so good to spend time with my friends in school and attend the classes, tests.  I even gave my Spanish presentation in the class and I was so happy because I worked hard on it. The whole week went by so fast and I was excited for the next week.

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