Day 269 – 279

After so many good and exciting events last week, these next few days were not that exciting for me. There is only one thing that everyone is always worried about and that of course is my eating. I know everyone is stressed about it and I am too..some days I eat a little bit better but other days it is just hard to do it even though I want to.  I mostly stayed home during the 10 days except couple of days where after a very long time, I got to stay in the hotel with my mom and dad. It was the nice change for me and a different atmosphere from the same routine at home. I had to go to the hospital from there two times for my Vincristine and Methotrexate on May 20th and Pegasperagase on May 21st but at least I was able to stay for 2 nights and go out to eat at On the Border for the tacos because that’s what I wanted to eat each day.  One thing I noticed that walking so much in the hotel back and forth in the hallway made me so tired that I walking like a snail. I really need to work on getting stronger.

One thought on “Day 269 – 279

  1. Rey June 13, 2019 / 3:48 pm

    Be Strong and Keep Fighting also I am a fan of your work


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