Day 100 – 105

I cannot believe it is already day 100 on Tuesday, November 27th. I went to hospital and blood work showed my hemoglobin went up a little bit to 8.3 but my platelet count went down even more to 9000 so I got platelet transfusion only. While I was getting the transfusion, I was playing with the life specialist the board games. Suddenly I started to cough which became really bad in few minutes and then I had a hive near my right eye which was getting bigger. My dad got little worried and the nurses came running. They said I had the allergic reaction so they gave me Benadryl which made me sleepy. After sometime I woke up and threw up but then I felt better. My hive was gone too. I told my dad to ask the teacher to reschedule the home instructions because I did not feel good.

Since my ANC was extremely low, only  320, so I could not go to school. I did have my home instructions on Tuesday and it was great. I got few assignments and the research project which will keep me busy.  Thank God that hockey is on these days as that helps me pass the time too. I want send a big Thank you to my hockey friend and his family for sending me this personalized Golden Knight sweatshirt. It looks so cool and I am very grateful to my friend.


I went down to hospital again on Friday to get my blood tested. My hemoglobin was still 8 so I was good. Hurray! No blood transfusion needed. But I still have low ANC of 120 so high risk for infections. I have to be careful. I, ofcourse, stayed home. My science and math teacher came for home instructions on Friday to help me stay upto date to the class lessons. I got a lot of assignments to do which is good. I love math so it is not a problem.  I got almost full marks in my previous assignments. Just the silly mistake otherwise I would have gotten full marks in all of them.

It was good that on Saturday evening my friend, who is also my neighbor, came over for to spend time with me. We watched movies, talked about different things and then played some games. I showed him my superdeeker board and how to play on it. It was a fun evening. Sunday was quiet and more like resting to get prepared for the next Monday for my treatment again.

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