Day 30 – 31


These were usual days with nothing significant happened. I enjoyed the school, reading, watching movies and the most important thing the food. Man ! I got some fat cheeks now. My mom and my brother love to take pictures of my chubby cheeks and my fat belly.

I receive so many good wishes and thoughts from lot of adults, my friends and my school mates who make me feel so good. One of my 5th grade classmates even said that she will dedicate her goals in her soccer games to me. That is so nice of her! I feel so lucky that I am surrounded by so many nice people around me. I hope I am able to do something for someone one day !

I was little restlessness on Wednesday night since i had to stay empty stomach after 11 pm until next day for the tests. I almost fell asleep by 9:30 pm when my dad woke me up and helped me eat prior to going to bed to make sure I am not crazy hungry next day. I finish my steroid on Wednesday so there should be change in my eating pattern and the weight gain. I do wish that it happens soon because the picture day is coming !

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