Day 86 – 87

Next morning at 7 AM my mom took my IV off but the needle in the port still had to stay because i will get the chemo every day until Thursday at home. I was feeling a little better and was able to walk down the steps with my dad. After I took my nausea medicine, I was able to eat a little bit too. It was getting better every day and by Wednesday I was able to walk around, eat well without throwing up. My teacher came on Tuesday for home instructions. First time I felt a little tired and my teacher was super nice. He told me that I can finish the work if I am upto it and also told me that we can take a break if I was getting tired. After he left, I did not feel good and threw up again but this time it felt better.  The needle in my port is so uncomfortable. It is so hard to sleep with it. One morning I got such a bad cramp in the calf that I screamed and my mom and dad came running. My dad stayed with me and massaged my leg to make it better.

I was surprised to see so many messages on my blog from students of a school in IMG_20181111_201119768Bridgewater. I do not know how they found out but it was good to see so many inspiring messages. I tried to respond to them too. I cannot go to school because I still have the needle attached to my port and also because of my nausea. I passed my time by almost finishing my hockey puzzle, finishing some of the class work that my teacher told me to do. I did some face time with my friend to know about what is going on in the class. It was so much fun. I miss joking around and doing silly things with my friends.

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