Day 137 – 140

img_20181223_151011599After all the fun I had yesterday, it was time for me to pack to go the hospital for my 2nd round of high dose Methotrexate. On January 2nd, I had to wake up so early to get ready to go to the hospital, even though I just wanted to sleep more so badly. I finally got dressed and all my snacks and bags were ready by the time I came down. I knew I was going for at least 4 days to I gave a tight hug to my mom and my brother because I was going to miss them. We reached the hospital and started with my blood work . Thank God I did not have to stay empty stomach so atleast I could eat while I was waiting for my results. After the results came, my ANC was still in normal range but much lower than before, it was only 2180. I was started on the IV fluids right away because that will help me to stay hydrated so that Methotrexate can be excreted fast from my body. I got one of my other chemo medicines, Vincristine and then I had to wait to get the Methotrexate. They were checking my urine to make sure that I was well hydrated before they can give me the medicine. I do not like to wait in the clinic for the bed upstairs. It is hard to attend the school via Vgo robot from the clinic.

I finally got my room upstairs at 12 pm and I could spread out and relax on my bed. I attended my classes the best I could through the robot. At 4:30, Methotrexate was started and my job was to make sure I drink a lot of water. I was feeling okay until the night time when I started to throw up which always happens with this medication. Not a good feeling. I just wanted to sleep but it is so hard to sleep on the hospital bed with so many IVs attached to my chest port. In the middle of the night, I woke up because i had so much pain in my arms and legs and my daddy had to massage them for so long.

Next day started off better with me feeling fresh and ready to start the school. The main img_20190103_115214901_hdrproblem I have with this medication is sore throat and not wanting to eat. But I tried hard and my dad was also trying to feed me when I was distracted with the Ipad. I met some new resident doctors who try to ask me some trick questions about the location of heart. She said that she was impressed with my knowledge about the human body. She asked me if I want to become a doctor and I said “Definitely because I can share my own experience with them which will make them feel better”.

I was doing very well with my blood toxicity levels at 24hr, 42hr and 48hr. I reached 0.42 toxicity level by 24 hrs which was expected at 48hrs which meant that I was okay to go home on Saturday. But I was not doing well with my throat and the eating. I knew what was going to happen with my throat because I had experienced it last time on Christmas. It is so hard to pass the time in the hospital. I miss my home, my mom, playing with my brother and my bed. I attended the school via robot, finished my home work and the science project. I even got my dad to play Monopoly with me. The best img_20190103_185039695news I got was that I scored 100% on my math test which I had finished before the allowed time. I was up to date with my assignments but I am lacking behind in my classes. I have to cover everything when I go home with the home instructions so that I can catch up with the class.

Finally I came home on Saturday, January 5th evening and stood at the door with screaming “ Home Sweet Home”. I missed my family and my bed so much. I did a long face time with my cousin and my friend/neighbor which was awesome. I just did not want my throat to bother me when I was home because it is really painful. At least I will be staying home with my family for 10 days before getting admitted again for 4 days.

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