Day 175 – 184

IMG_20190213_180301266I am writing after a long time since it has been going good after I came back from the hospital. I have been feeling good with no mouth sores but just decreased appetite. I was feeling tired few days after coming back from the hospital but it got better each day I was home and eating my yummy home cooked Indian food.  I had my dad’s uncle and aunt visit me from out of state which was a nice surprise and the best part was that I was able to play with my dad’s uncle for hours in the basement, running around in the house and have lot of fun. It felt so good after a long time of just staying home with no visitors and not being able to go out.

I even got my grading for my second marking period and I was happy to see it as I got As and A+s which was so exciting! My parents said that they were proud of me and I felt confident that I can do it!

On Feb 14th Thursday, I had to go to the hospital for the echocardiogram and for the blood test. It took almost an hour for the tech to do the echocardiogram but my blood test results were good. my Hemoglobin went up to 11.1, no wonder I had so much energy to play around. My skin has started to look more normal too. Since my ANC was at 1170, my doctor said that I will start my 4th phase on Monday Feb 18th. My doctor also told me that I am going to have more thinning of my hair in this phase because it will be 5 chemo medications given within a month so I should be prepared for that. I think I am ready for my last intense phase to start no matter what the side effects are because they are just temporary.

On the weekend, i was able to spend time helping my dad, painting his home office and setting up the furniture which was awesome. I played with my little cousins, running after them, entertaining them. I even got to go to my neighbors /friend’s house and spent time with them. It was good to just get out of the house to do something fun except for going to hospital all the time. I am enjoying my FITBIT as it gives me an idea that every day I am doing more and more. I went up as high as 15000 steps. If I keep up with this and continue to eat well then I will be able to build my strength back in no time!

One thought on “Day 175 – 184

  1. Mudrika Dhoka February 26, 2019 / 2:43 am

    Hiiiii how r u buddy?!?

    Long time … keep reading ur posts … but u know how life becomes crazy!!

    How have u been?!?

    I love ur using Fitbit
    Congo on 15000 steps I can’t reach 5k sitting in office all day 😝

    Proud of u to see your scores… Adina di also has exams coming up so she is super scared! 7th is a little tough!

    Nani nani told me about there visit… and how much they enjoyed seeing u!

    Get well super soon and then u have to plans. Trip to India!

    Loads of love hugs and kisses
    Stay strong 😍😘


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