Day 155 – 162

img_20190120_095348914It has been long time since I updated my blog. Hey I was trying to enjoy all my good days! This time I have been good without the complaint of sore throat or being sick. I do not know if it because of the extra dose of the medicine or that my body is now immune to the methotrexate. The first few days were a  little rough because I was tired and had sore legs and arms. My appetite was small at the beginning, but at least I was able to eat when I wanted to. One evening I was looking in the mirror and observed many dark spots on my face, and dark circles around my eyes. Or in other words, I looked very grey and weak. I asked my mom why do I look like that. She responded, “It’s because of the medication. It is just temporary. Don’t worry about it too much.” Now when I think of good old days, I used to have very clean face and such good hair, now it is always all over the place with hairless sections. I had been really annoyed that everything now is so imperfect now. Although I was upset with that, I still managed to have a good time with my brother at home.

I have been attending my classes regularly through Vgo robot and I am really up to date, at least that’s what I think. I finished all my assignments for math and science, literacy and home work for social studies. That is such a good feeling to be able to keep up with the class. I think Spanish is the only subject that will be hard for me to do since I have not been able to attend any classes or get the home instructions on.  Hopefully I will be able to catch up.

On Thursday September 24th, I went to the clinic for the blood check up and that day I decided to get blood drawn from the arm instead of the port because it saves the time and I do not have to do the saline. My dad was worried that I might get scared and move my arm. But I stood still and the nurse was impressed that I did not even flinch. It was done fast and within an hour I got the results. All my numbers looked good and I was returned home until Tuesday when I have to go back. I started to feel much better and was eating very well and had gained 3 pounds by Sunday. My parents were happy to see me eat well and be happy with no soreness in the legs. On Saturday, my friend came over in the evening for sometime and it was so much fun spending time with him and talking about the school, fun stuff. I wish I could go back to school again soon!

2 thoughts on “Day 155 – 162

  1. Anvitha Banda January 31, 2019 / 7:37 pm

    Hello Arjun, Feel better soon.Anvitha misses seeing you at school. Take care

    Your friend, Anvitha Banda, ARIS
    Mom, Deepika Belum


  2. The eigners February 2, 2019 / 6:40 pm

    Hi arjun. Hope you feel better soon. Brendon eigner


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