Day 148 – 150

I had good few days from Sunday Jan 13th to Tuesday Jan 15th. My throat was not bothering me and I ate a lot of food because my goal was to gain pounds before I go back to the hospital. I also had good days with my school assignments. I made sure I complete some of the math assignments and social studies assignments at home. These were good days as compared to the previous ones. I was even able to attend the event at my grand uncle’s house. It feels awesome to get out of the house and meet people. It was funny that I ate good food at their house and while coming back I asked my dad to get me some Chinese food which I actually ate at home.

On Tuesday night, my parents were busy packing for Wednesday morning to go to the hospital. I had to eat 2 dinners one early evening and one very late because I had to stay NPO after 11:30PM for the spinal tap next morning. When I checked my weight I saw that I gained 3 pounds since Thursday. I screamed loudly to tell my family and broke into my happy dance. They got scared first thinking what happened and then they all started laughing looking at me.

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