Day 37 – 40

I know you all have been waiting to know my results as I was too few days ago. On Tuesday, my dad picked me up from the school and he seemed little quiet. When I asked him “What happened Daddy? Did I get my results?” He said “Yes we got the results and it is not what we expected. So you will have to have one more month of therapy added to your long therapy”. Normally the MRD should be less than 0.01% to be called negative but mine is 0.015% which makes me MRD positive. I said to my dad “ Okay. I am not too happy to hear this but it does not really concern me either. It happens sometimes and we will have to deal with it like the doctor said.” My dad said the he knew I would be alright that is why he told me. Dad also told me that my mom was very sad. So I called her over the phone while driving back home. I could hear my mom crying slowly so that I do not hear her. I told my mom that it is going to be fine; it’s just one more month. My mom said that she knows that I am stronger than her and I will handle it. My mom said that the doctors told her to be very hopeful as it is very very very slightly higher than the normal and by the end of next 2 months of therapy so it should get less than 0.01%.

On September 26th, I had to leave early from school to go meet the team of doctors and nurses at Morristown Medical Center and we are trying to move from CHOP to Morristown now.  It is much closer than the other hospital so it should get easier to go to my treatments. It is much smaller also than CHOP and much older looking but everyone was very nice there. All the nurses and the doctors are nice. I have to start going for the next treatments from Mondays now. I still have the cough so the doctor checked me out and said that my lungs are clear. I got to go to the Treasure chest in the end where they have lot and lot of stuff. It took me 15 minutes to figure out what to get from there. It is going to be interesting every time I go as my mom said I will only have 5 minutes to choose. It took us 50 minutes to come back home which was so much better.

I was able to go to school rest of the days and had fun with my friends and learning. I hope it continues. I am still doing well with my eating even after my steroids are done. I am losing the extra chubbiness in my cheeks slowly which is good because the picture day is coming!

One thought on “Day 37 – 40

  1. Elaine Dunn October 1, 2018 / 12:09 am

    Arjun, we’re thinking of you and praying for your MRD to drop to normal. You’re a tough kid, you’re a hockey player! Love your positive attitude, keep it up! Your MOJO friends, Griffin, Elaine and Ryan Dunn


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