Day 93 – 94

I woke up excited in the morning as I knew today is the day I go back to school. It has been 4 weeks without going to school. You know I love school because there is so much to learn and have fun with my friends. I was all ready and sitting on the dining table to eat my breakfast. My bag packed and my mom made sure I had enough snack to eat so that I don’t starve. It was half day so there was no lunch. My mom gave me the water bottle and the barf bag just in case I need it. I quickly swallowed my nausea pills and was ready to go in the car with my dad.

When I reached the school, I first went to the main office to meet my counselor and the nurse. My dad showed the nurse my port with the needle in it. They all seemed to be happy to see me. When I entered the class, all my classmates were surprised to see me. We exchanged “Hellos” and “How are you?” I told them that I was feeling better and happy to come to school. I started with my normal routine of sanitizing the table and chair then my hands. I paid full attention to my class lesson to make sure I understand what is going on in the class.

When I was accessing my locker, my teacher surprised me with a packet. It had lot of handmade cards made by my classmates with inspiring messages.  There was another bundle of cards from the students of a school in Bridgewater. I couldn’t believe everyone spent time making the cards for me.

The time in the school went by so quick. At 1:00 pm, I went to the nurse for my pill and then I came home with my dad. My dad thought I was hyper than when I went to the school in the morning.  When my mom came in the evening, she kept asking me how I was feeling in the school. I told her I felt like a normal kid attending the school. Nothing special.  After the dinner, we all sat down to read the cards. I got little emotional reading them because I was thinking that how much everyone care about me even though they don’t know me well.  I got tired with all the excitement and went to bed early.

Wednesday was same as Tuesday, just not that many “Hi! How are you?” instead it was more like “Good Morning Arjun”. Wednesday was half day too so I came home early. My home nurse has been coming since yesterday to give me my chemo medicine at home. She said that I am looking well. She was impressed that I am so aware of what was happening with me, my medication and my blood count results. She had to wear the mask when she was giving me the medicine into my port because my white blood cells are less than 2.00. The nurse is very nice and always smiling.

While I was enjoying the Devils vs. Montreal hockey game in the night, my mom came down all happy and excited. “Arjun your report card is out.” she said. I asked her “Is it good?” My dad and I looked at it together and I was so thrilled to see that I scored more than 93% (A and A+) in all my subjects.  The comments from my teachers in the report card were very inspiring. All my hard work with the help of my teachers, my parents paid off. I promise that I will continue to work hard to maintain the good scores in my tests and assignments. I fell asleep dreaming about my report card.

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