Day 127 – 131

IMG_20181223_172240824On Dec 23th, Sunday morning, I was eagerly waiting for the doctor to come and tell me the good news about going home.  My mom and I passed the time walking with my IV pole in the hallway, playing some board games in the play room. Finally the doctor came and told me that my toxicity level was very low but I had to stay until 5 pm to finish my IV fluids. I was thrilled that I was going home in the evening. After I came back home, I took a long hot shower and went to sleep into my most comfortable bed in the world. Hospital bed is not very good to sleep.

Next morning, I woke up with sore throat and did not feel like eating anything because everything was hurting my throat. I tried all the soft foods but it did not make it better. I remember the doctor saying that it is the side effect of the medicine. On Dec 25th, I was so excited that my cousins were coming to spend time with me but my mouth sores and the sore throat was bothering me. I wanted to play with them so much but I could not get myself to get and play. I was not eating anything that day and I know my mom was so worried. I took some Tylenol to get rid of my pain in my throat. But it did not help me much. I was so disappointed that I barely have any visitors and now when someone came, I could not even enjoy with them. I want to thank my aunt’s friend who sent me this table hockey game which kept me distracted with my pain.

Next 2 days, I was just having liquid diet. My mom and I were so worried about my IMG_20181225_215716918weight. My mom kept asking me all the time to try different things and at times I was getting irritated too. But I understand she was also trying. Even though I felt like eating something, I just could not eat it because it felt like something is stuck my throat. It was very frustrating. The only day I was able to eat my Indian Parantha was when my dad put on an Indian movie about the field hockey based on true story. I got so excited and inspired to see how the main character who was paralyzed in his legs worked so hard to walk and play hockey again. His main goal was to play for India at the International level and he achieved it with hard work and positive attitude. I know I will work hard and have a positive attitude like him too.

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