Day 29

Today , September  17th , I woke up all excited and after eating my huge breakfast, I waited for the school bus. There it came and before I got in my dad talked to the bus driver about my designated seat, having the buddy with me and getting off of the bus first before the whole crowd of students. It was an experience going in the bus and I was not sure how I felt about it. My counselor was waiting for me and my buddy and I were allowed to go into the class first so that I can be safe.

After the school was done, I was waiting near locker for someone to walk with me to the bus. This new teacher came who walked with me to the office. Today was the first day that I had to carry my back pack with my chrome book and other folders. I never thought that carrying this bag will be so tough for me. It slowed me down while walking the hallways. My school nurse saw me and said that I should not be even carrying that by myself.  I did not feel too good about it that I could not do such simple thing.

After I came home, my mom and I talked about my ride in detail as my mom has to know everything all the time. When she heard about my backpack then she said that it’s okay for me to ask for help. We then talked with my dad about how I really feel about going in school bus. My mom really does not want me to take bus and my dad decided that he will drop me every day to make it easier for me. I don’t know but my mom knew before me that I will not enjoy the bus ride.  Thank God! My dad is there to help me out.

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