Day 1

IMG_20180820_083853752So my first morning in the hospital started with as usual early morning blood work, then comes the EKG guy and then the ECHO guy with the big machine. I knew at that time that something is going on with me that is pretty serious.

I was just talking to my mom and trying to tell her that not to worry, everything is going to be fine. I somehow said that as long as it is not cancer then I am okay. My mom teared up at that very moment and said the scariest thing that Leukemia is a Cancer. I got shocked and scared for few minutes but then when my mom said that it is just a disease which can be fixed, I felt better. I could still see the sadness in her eyes. We talked little bit about how our life is going to change but we will beat it together.

Later in the morning, my parents decided to transfer me to another hospital which is supposed to be the best in the world or at least USA. Its name is Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOPS). We reached there by early evening and met a new doctor who then examined me and again took some blood out for more testing. They then admitted me into this huge hospital. My room was nice with the good view to the street and to another hospital’s cafeteria. My mom stayed with me and Dad went home to my younger brother who I miss so much. It was a rough day but we did get through it with sad and not so sad moments.


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