Day 25

IMG_20180913_101248190Early morning of September 13th, my dad and I took off to go to the clinic for the treatment. We were so quiet that my mom and my brother did not even wake up because we left at 5:30 in the morning. We did hit some traffic as we reached the city area but it was not too bad going there.

We started off with blood work and then waited for the results. The nurse came with some good results today and I was very excited. When she said that my ANC went from 250 to 840 and I am at low risk for infection then I said to her “Wow! My body is working super hard to get me better fast”. My platelets are in normal range now and my hemoglobin is holding up good on its own that means I do not need any transfusion. Wohoo!!

While we were waiting for the chemo medication to come and start on IVs, I was thinking of the things to eat. I then decided that I want to eat the Mac n cheese from Applebees. I couldn’t wait to get over with the IVs and go to eat. My doctor told my dad that if I want then I can skate but should not play any contact sport at this time so that I do not get hit on my port.

After we got done, my dad had to find the Applebees in the city area and somehow manage to get there as quick as he can so that I could eat. It was a rough ride home as my stomach started to hurt after chemo and I needed to find a nearest and clean place to use the restroom. It was tough for my dad to drive and manage me. We were able to find a place and after the quick stop we finally reached home and I could relax. My mom was so happy to see my results and also to know that I will be able to skip the Monday visit to the clinic for the bloodwork. You know what that means? …It means I will be able to go to school on Monday. It was a tiring day but with happy ending.

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