Day 255 – 261 – Start 5th phase of chemo

Monday, April 29th was the start of my 5th and the final phase of the chemotherapy. My counts were so good that I was amazed. My ANC was 3020, Hb 10.1. I had to go for the spinal tap first and then I got the 2 medications Vincristine and Methotrexate. It was not too bad but I just could not eat because of the nausea. I actually lost around 5 pounds in last couple of weeks and you know my mom is too worried.  I did not like the part that I had to come again next day for Pegasperagase. It just takes the whole day with this medicine and I do not feel good at all after it. Well we had to do what we had to do. The best part was that after the next day, I did not have to go back for next 10 days for the treatment.

So I met this new resident doctor at the hospital who told me his story that when he was about my age he also had cancer and now he is doing residency under the same doctor who treated him. That was very inspiring! I told him that I want to be an oncologist too so that I can tell the patients from my personal experience how it is going to feel and how to deal with it.

Rest of my week went by not so great because of nausea, vomiting and not being able to eat. My parents and grandparents were so worried and were trying to find different food options. It is very hard to explain what I feel when I try to eat the food. I did get hungry and had the desire but when the food came in front of me, I just could not eat it. My mom said that my chubby cheeks were all gone and I started to look skinnier. But the good thing was my hair started to grow and I can’t wait to have the full head of hair!!!

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