Day 43 – 46

IMG_20181001_142326149My second phase of chemo started on Monday, October 1st at Morristown Medical Center. It was very different than at CHOP but it was nice. I had to stay hungry after midnight. We reached hospital at 8:30 am. My port was having some trouble getting the blood out but it finally came. I waited for my results for an hour and they came out great. My hemoglobin was 10.3 and my platelets 409,000 which were great. I was then taken for anesthesia in the room for another spinal tap. It took me 1 hour to wake up after anesthesia and I was so dizzy and lot of nausea. I was not able to stand by myself so my parents had to hold me to walk. I had to then wait forever for the lunch to come so I could eat. I had not eaten for 13 hours already. The nurse was then trying to get to my port again to give me the chemo medication but my port was not working right. We tried to stand, lean to the side, raising the arms, moving in the bed but nothing was working. My mom was worried. They had to give me a medication to fix my port with an injection and then I had to wait for another hour to get my chemo. I then found out that I have to stay overnight in the hospital for IV fluids because one of the medication makes the bladder bad so I had to go to bathroom a lot. The room was nice and the nurses were nice. Also the doctor and the nurses were surprised to see how good I looked and I have been going to the school during the first phase.

Doctor told me with all the medication that I will take this month, will make me nauseous, feel tired with flu like symptom and will lose my hair a lot. I want to get my head shaved but my mom does not want to get it done yet so I will wait for her to be ready. In the morning, I had to wait for the nurse to give me my medication so that I could go home. I am taking one medication by mouth and 3-4 through my port different times throughout the month. They told me that I have to come every day for the shot until Thursday to the hospital. I did not like the idea because I will have to miss so much school.  The nurse said I have to take the medicine for nausea every 6 hours to make sure I do not get sick. I thought I was doing pretty good. I felt strong enough to go to school but they said I can go on Thursday for half a day. That did not make me happy because there is nothing to do at home all day.

I have been going back and forth to the hospital until today. I got some cool things from the treasure chest for me and one day for my brother. I really miss playing knee hockey with him and other wild stuff.

The drive is much better here but I still miss chop. I will have to go to hospital again next week for 4 days. Another spinal tap on Monday and I will have to stay hungry again all night. Hmm..i am okay with it now since I stopped the steroids.

5 thoughts on “Day 43 – 46

  1. Dushyant Gupta October 5, 2018 / 3:52 pm

    Hello Arjun Beta,

    I am sure that all this is going to end soon and you shall emerge as a winner and a champion!!

    You already a champ for facing this so positively (learning a lot from u….)

    Keep it up and get well soon. Our prayers and best wishes are with you……

    Lots of love and best wishes.
    Dushi Mama


  2. The Dreher family October 6, 2018 / 12:54 pm

    Hi Arjun,
    We have been reading your posts. We are happy that you are so strong and positive! Your positivity is so amazing!
    Stay tough! We hope to see you soon!
    The Drehers


  3. Susan Baydar October 7, 2018 / 11:01 am

    Stay strong Arjun! Wishing you all the best!
    Mrs. Baydar


  4. Miss DiLeone October 7, 2018 / 3:53 pm

    Hi Arjun,

    This is Miss DiLeone from Amsterdam School. I am so impressed with your blog and love to read about your journey. You are one strong and positive boy!

    It sounds like you are enjoying 5th grade. Your new teachers are lucky to have a hard-working student like you in their classes!

    Stay strong and remember, the teachers at AMS are thinking of you! 🙂


  5. Anish Jain October 9, 2018 / 11:53 pm

    Hey Arjun, thanks for continue sharing with all of us, it is good to see your chubby cheeks and yeah you have started resembling your mom a lot more now 🙂 I am really happy to see you taking everything in your stride, look forward to your update 🙂


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