Day 22

IMG_20180910_080749406Here I am awake at 1 am then 2 am and finally at 4 am! Ahh! Time to walk up! You must be wondering why I am so happy to wake up at 4 am, right?  Well today I have to go to the hospital again so they could access my port for the weekly blood work and check if there is any problem.

These days I am the hungriest maniac on earth because of the medication. I forced my dad to wake up but a total failure – it actually took me 45 mins to finally get him up and out of the bed. I got ready fast dad and I headed out to the DD. We got some hot breakfast and then headed to the clinic with my mom and my brother. It is the long rides which make my butt hurt so much otherwise I do not mind going to the clinic.

After we reached, the nurse took my vitals and then asked me to lay down on the table. Everybody had to wear the mask as she was going to put the needle in my port to get the blood out. Nurse was so surprised to see that I can handle it while looking at it. She said I am one brave boy. I had a big smile on my face. Then we waited for the Doctor to come and discuss with my parents about how I am doing.

My doctor is so nice and she is always smiling. Doctor had some good things to say that means my health is recovering super well. My platelet counts are up, my hemoglobin is holding up good but my ANC is low which is risk for infection but my doctor said good hand washing and wiping my sitting area can prevent the risk. She actually allowed me to go out to eat if I want to and to continue to go to school. I was the happiest person in the world! I heard the doctor also saying that the genetic testing looks like is in my favor. We will find out more about it in couple of weeks. I got the flu shot without any problem making my nurse super happy.

We had to drive back again 1 hour and 30 mins to reach home which I do not like. So we stopped at a restaurant in Princeton to eat some dumplings which I was craving for many days. Yummy! My mom said we have to limit going out like once in 2 weeks to be safe. I agreed with her.

Rest of the day, I just spent reading the books and planning for my next school day. I feel so thankful to my parents for all the things they are doing for me and my brother to go for such long rides with me and hang around without complaining. Man! He is so mature and such a good brother! I love my parents and my brother so much!

One thought on “Day 22

  1. Laura Rastogi September 24, 2018 / 6:40 pm

    Hi Arjun! So glad you are doing well. You look great! Stay strong and continue to be positive. You are such an inspiration! We are all thinking of you! Laura Mami, Sameer Mama, Curran and Asha


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