Day 53 – 64

IMG-20181015-WA0002It has been crazy few days. One day I am feeling normal and other days I feel so much nausea and headache all day. First of all, It has been so hard to decide what to eat and when the food comes in front of me then I just don’t feel like eating it. It is making my mom very worried and I am trying my best to eat as much as I can so that I do not lose weight. I am so scared about the feeding tube to be put in if I do not eat that I force myself to eat sometimes.

I have to go to the hospital many times and on last Monday I was there for 10 hours. It is so tiring sometimes. This makes me behind in my school work. It is so hard to concentrate on my school work sometimes but I am trying my best. I didn’t do well in one of my math test because my head was hurting so bad so I asked my teacher that I want to take the test again but they cannot give that to me. I feel really sad about it. I hope I do better in other tests.

One day I made my mom little sad. In the school, when we were talking about the hoops for heart, I was thinking that since my blood count is low then can I get some heart problem? I came home and asked my mom that if cancer can cause me to have heart problem and can I die if it cannot be treated. My mom got really sad told me to never think or talk like that. I spoke to her later and told her that I am fine and I did not mean to ask the question that way. I promised her that I will not talk about it like this.

All the nurses and the doctors are nice.  My doctor is also a hockey player and he still plays. He even scored a goal in the last game and he told me that he dedicated the goal to me. That’s was so cool to hear that from the doctor. It makes me feel how much I miss playing hockey. Sometimes I do not feel like watching the games on TV because it reminds me what I am missing. It is so boring now in the evening and on weekends because I cannot go to hockey practices or go anywhere. I just wish this all could go away fast.

3 thoughts on “Day 53 – 64

  1. NICK FARINA October 23, 2018 / 8:49 am

    Dear Arjun – this is Jack’s dad. We met at the Morristown Center a few weeks ago. As you know, Jack has leukemia as well. The beginning of treatment can be very hard but it will get easier. We’re 9 months ahead of you in treatment and Jack is now in Phase 6. Feeling great, back in school and playing sports! You will be doing the same before you know it. Stay strong for your mommy and daddy and show everyone how tough you are. Do your best to eat good, healthy food even if you don’t want to. Try to get some exercise everyday as well. You are a very special young man. Jack and I are also rooting you on. Hope to see you at the clinic soon!


  2. Troy October 23, 2018 / 1:45 pm

    YOOOOOOOO Coach Troy here !!!

    Whats this you dont wanna watch hockey.

    Listen, what your going through is hard, maybe the hardest thing anyone has gone through. You have a strong heart and mind and you will stay that way. Watch the hockey ganes, you can learn their moves, learn their systems and when you play again you can use them.

    Things are going to be hard and yes it will make you sad. Yes, thats natural but be yourself…dont let this thing change you. Pick your head up and get up. Do and watch the things you love, thats what make you who you are. Thats the strong smart boy we all know.

    I dont know why these things happen, but know this if running through a brick wall would help you somebody would be cleaning up a helluva mess, cause i would demolish crap for you.

    Keep fighting and smiling.


  3. Suzanne Moss November 1, 2018 / 3:35 pm

    Hi Arjun! At first when I read your post and you said you couldn’t have a second chance at the math test you took when you had the bad headache, I felt really angry. I felt like kids should always have a second chance to show their learning, or try again…but then I started thinking- I realized that test is only one little snapshot of who you are as a student (just like the snapshots or pictures of you on this blog). And some snapshots show how strong and positive you are, while others show you feeling lousy. Same with tests…sometimes you may be feeling great and ace it, while other times you may not. Don’t be too hard on yourself right now, Arjun. You are one of the most hardworking, responsible students I know! When you are feeling healthier and more like yourself, you will quickly catch up with the academics and your test scores will once again reflect the bright and shiny star of a student that you are. Until then, do your best and remember a test is just a glimpse of where you are in your learning at that moment.
    Mrs. Moss


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