Day 85

I had to wake up so early on Monday, November 12th, to go to the hospital because if my blood counts were still low then I needed to get the bone marrow aspiration. I know everyone was praying in the house for my blood work to be good. We waited and waited for the results after the nurse took the blood from my port. Suddenly I saw the  Doctor entering in the room with a big smile and I knew he has some good news. He said that my ANC is went up from 460 last week to 1230. So they were starting my chemotherapy again. Hurray!! My dad called my mom right away and I could hear my mom getting excited to hear the good news.

But I knew that it is now going to be a long day. I had to wait for the medication to be ready. They had to test my urine also which did not come out clear the first time so I had to wait some more.  With one of the medicine, I have to get IV fluids for 24 hours so I was connected to the IV fluids right away. It was so uncomfortable to be connected to the pole and walk around in the clinic but I managed. I passed some of my time by watching my I pad and some while playing the board games with the child life specialist. I played for 2 hours and beat them in the game pretty good. I was there from 8 AM to 4:45 pm.  I was happy that I did not have to stay in the hospital in the night time.

IMG_20181112_214026036I was able to come home. When I reached home I did not feel too good. I was very tired, lot of headache and felt very sleepy. My mom sat with me to massage my head. Home nurse came to hook me back on the IV fluid at home. First she gave the training to my mom and dad and then I had to go there to get the IV fluids started. At home, it was the back pack and not the pole. Someone had to carry it because it was very heavy and I had no energy. I threw up 4 times in 2 hours and it did not feel good. I had to take the medicine 2 times because all the medicine came out with the vomit. My dad had to carry me up the steps to go the bedroom. I could not eat anything that night. I just wanted to lie down and sleep. Even though I was happy to get my chemotherapy started, I did not like my day today.

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