Day 192 – 198

Wow! What a wonderful week I had! It started when I went to the hospital on Monday Feb 25th for the blood counts; I was surprised by my results. My ANC was 4480 and Hemoglobin 12.7 which for the first time came in normal range.  Then the nurse told us that other than getting the chemotherapy medication in the hospital, I did not have to take any steroids at home. Also since my counts were good, I did not need to come back to the hospital until next week. I was happy with the idea of being able to stay home and if the weather is good then I could go out.

Slowly I regained my appetite; my taste buds were working again! I actually had pain in my back one day only. I was able to move around more easily but I still lacked energy.  I know I upset my little brother because he wants to play with me all the time like we used to but it is hard for me to move around so much and so quickly. I tried to explain it to him but he is too little to understand everything. I do feel bad for him though.

My parents had the meeting with my teachers, counselor and the social worker this week to discuss my progress and if I need the evaluation for the special education. It was so awesome to hear from my parents that my teachers are happy with my performance in academics, with my use of robot and think that I am very responsible kid. Hurray!!  I got to say to my parents “I told you that I know what I am doing. I am keeping up with my class and I am doing all the assignments that they are doing.” My parents looked impressed and said to me “You are one tough kid Arjun.”

It was overall a good week!

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