Day 33 – 35

It was tough couple of days for me after the procedure but I think I managed to handle them the best I could. Walking was the hardest to do but it got better after Friday. I could not go to school on Friday because of the pain and dizziness. I think it was a good thing because I had a nose bleed that day. My dad gave me some ice and then called my mom and the nurse right away to find out what to do next. Nurse said that as long as blood is not gushing out of my nose I should be fine with just the ice. It stopped after some time..Thank god!

I felt better over the weekend and had some good time with the family and actually played with my brother the silly games that I have not played in quite some time. My parents kept reminding me to be careful and my little brother was so good with me.

It was a quiet weekend with lots of rest and fun with my cousins. My parents had to remind me not to get too close to them and not lift my little cousin. It is tough to remember all that and not be normal but I guess I have to do it for some time.  All my steroids are done but to my surprise I am still eating well. My mom is happy and my goal is to gain at least 10 pounds total before the end of this month.  I have already gained 8 pounds until today.

I am just so happy that I will be able to go to school for the whole week next week since I do not have to go for chemotherapy for next 10 days.

One thought on “Day 33 – 35

  1. Priya & Shrini September 25, 2018 / 11:21 am

    Hi Arjun,

    Glad you got to spend the weekend with family. Sathvik was so happy to see you at school yesterday and looks forward to the week with you!

    Sathvik and I will be running the Steps Together 5k this weekend and dedicating it to your amazing strength and courage through this tough journey.

    Also do let Sathvik know if there are books you want from the library, give him the list at school and we will be happy to bring you any books you want from the library!

    See you soon!

    Priya aunty


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