Day 151 – 154

img_20190116_110058010On Wednesday Jan 16th, I woke up early morning at 6 AM to pack up my last minute things and get ready to go to the hospital. I was getting my 3rd round of Methotrexate. When we reached the hospital, we were the first ones to get the blood drawn from my port. While we were waiting for the report, the dietitian looked at my weight and was wondering how in the world I gained 3 pounds in 5 days. I told her that I was in mood for Indian food, so I ate it when I wanted to. She asked me the details of the type of Indian food I ate. My blood counts were good and there I went for the spinal tap. When I woke up I had my home cooked meal that my mom made early morning. It felt so good. I was moved to my room by late afternoon and the medicine and IV fluids were started. My job was to drink lot of fluids and eat well so that I do not throw up and get the toxicity out of my body.

I had first night in the hospital good without throwing up..Yay! I did fine the whole dayimg_20190117_143849544_hdr with some low appetite but better than previous times. Attending the school through the Vgo robot really helps to pass the time and not feel bored. I finished all my math assignments and math home links in the hospital and I am upto date with my class. I had magician who came in and showed me some tricks. I even learnt one of them. It was cool! The massage therapist came and pressed in some areas which really hurt. She said that I am very tight in many areas in my back and the legs. I did not understand all the things that she was telling me but I was sore when she left. My dad and I walked many times in the hallway during the day with my IV pole.

My nurses in the hospital were super nice, polite and helpful. My toxicity level numbers were great each time. In 24hrs, it was 37.8 (supposed to be <150), 42 hrs, it was .32 (supposed to be <1) and in 48hrs, it was only .19 (supposed to be <0.40). I knew I will be released on Saturday based on the numbers. It went well this time in the hospital with no vomiting, some pain in the legs, no sore throat but low appetite. The doctor gave me an extra dose of Leucovorin to see if that will help prevent the sores in my throat.  On Saturday Jan 19th, I was allowed to go home by late afternoon. Other than being sore in my body I was feeling great to come back home sweet home!

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