Day 106 – 107

On Monday, I went to the hospital early morning at 7 AM. It is the hard part to get up early and then eat but I have bad gag reflex first thing in the morning. Sometimes doing the brush is difficult. I start every morning with the nausea medicine and then wait to eat. It sometimes helps. Well in the hospital, my blood reports showed that my counts were stable but still low. I only got my chemo and no transfusions needed.

I was able to come home by afternoon but I did not feel good after I came back. I get lot of jaw pains with Vincristine medicine so eating food is hard to do. I have been feeling very tired and pains in my legs with the feeling that they are turning in. I showed it to my mom. I think it is because my hemoglobin is low.

I am staying home these days as I cannot go to school which is making me crazy. I cannot wait to have the Vgo robot in the school so that I can be with my friends virtually. I spoke about it with my teacher when she came for the home instructions. I was not feeling that great today evening and I just wanted to hug my mom when she came from work. My mom and dad tried to cheer me up but when the teacher came, I started to feel better as we got into the math and science. It actually ended very well and by the night I started to feel more normal. I even played battleship with my brother. Overall, the day was fine.

One thought on “Day 106 – 107

  1. Jaime Ann December 8, 2018 / 10:59 am

    Praying for you, Arjun. You’re going to go far in life! Can’t wait to see you on the ice!


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