Day 280 – 285

The highlight of this week is the nice surprise that my parents gave us for the Memorial Day weekend. I was thinking about the long weekend that everyone will go on vacation or do something fun but I am going to have to stay home. Instead my parents took us to this wonderful camp called “Happiness is  camping” which is specifically for the kids like me. They have counselors, Doctors and the nurses on the campus 24 hours in case an emergency arises. My brother and I were so excited to go there and could not wait to see what it was like. On Friday May 24th, we drove to the camp in the evening and the tough part was sitting in the car for almost 2 hours. When we reached there, it was super nice with lot of open space, greenery and very friendly staff. We got our cabin with the bunk beds. It was so cool. I immediately felt energetic when I saw a big basketball court, Gaga Pit, swimming pool, lot of different activities and the giant board games.  I played a lot on the first evening in the gaga pit and let me tell you, it felt soooo good. Later in the night we had camp fire and I made actual S’mores and ate them too. I surprised myself with it. I know my parents were happy to see me eat. I went straight to bed after that because I was tired.

Next morning, May 25th I was all ready at 7 am to get started with my day full of activities. I started off with archery which was a lot of fun. I wanted to do other things that my brother was doing like the horizontal ladder 30 ft high and flying squirrel but I just did not have enough strength in my arms or the grip so I just watched him having fun. I did some Arts and Crafts also which was interesting and my mom said it is good for my fine motor skills. I loved the time in fishing even though I did not catch even a single fish while others got some and playing with kids in gaga pit. There was a lot of walking involved back and forth to the activities, cabin and the dining room which was tiring. I surprised my parents by going into the swimming pool even though the water was ice cold and then doing a lap of each of the 4 strokes. It felt so awesome to be able to do everything that the other kids were doing.  By the late afternoon, when I went to my room, I got very tired and my whole body was so painful that I started to cry. I just could not move. I was allowed to take Tylenol after my dad called the doctor.  I could not go to any activity in the evening because I slept from 5 in the evening until 6am next morning.

On Sunday May 26th, I was little better after taking another dose of Tylenol and was able to play the dodge ball, prison ball, kick ball,  shoot some hoops and even go boating with my dad during the day time and in the evening, play gaga , giant chess games and archery tag.  It was lot of fun but it made me realize that I need to work very hard to get my strength back so that I don’t feel these pains with little bit of playing. I have to get ready for hockey this summer.

On Monday May 27th we drove back home after brunch and it always feel so good coming back home. I had some good fun days!

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