Day 96 – 99

So after the thanksgiving, we just stayed home for next few days with no visitors which was okay. I am getting used to passing the time at home with my family, my ipad and the books. I practiced some of my hockey skills on the super deeker, learn some dance moves from my brother, watched some movies.

On Monday, I went to the hospital for my routine visit of blood work and my chemo treatment. I found out that both my hemoglobin and the platelets are really low. My HBG was only 7.6 and platelets 18000 will need the transfusion for both. But one of my chemo medicine can cause the severe allergic reaction so I cannot get the transfusion today hence I have to come tomorrow again. I do not like this one medicine,  Pegasparginase,  because it takes 2 hours to get the medicine through IV and then I have to stay another 2 hours under observation to make sure that I do not get the allergic reaction. It took us all day there at the hospital. When I came home then I was so tired and wanted to just lay down. I still have the upset stomach from the medicine which I do not like.

I know now what I want to do when I get older…. Find a medicine which cures this disease in 5 days so that no one has to go through such a long treatment and the side effects. I hope I will be able to do that!

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