Day 163 – 167

So this week was supposed to be my last and the final week of 3rd phase of the chemotherapy. I was gearing up to go to hospital on Tuesday early morning. On Monday night, I packed up all my school stuff, my mom helped with packing my clothes and the all the good yummy snacks. My dad had everything loaded in the car so that in the morning, we just have to leave. I woke up early in the morning Tuesday 29th, all excited to get up and get dressed. My mom was ready with my to go food and off we went to the hospital.  The blood was taken from the port and the IV fluids were started while I was waiting for the blood test results. Then there was this news from the nurse that my ANC went down to 200 and they cannot start the treatment which meant that I had to go home. After all the preparation we did, this is the end result. I was so disappointed. I had to come back home and will have to go back again next week. I was relieved that she did not ask me to come back this Friday because that meant I would have to stay on my birthday in the hospital. I wanted to stay home for this weekend to celebrate my Birthday on Saturday with my family. The only good thing was that I was able to come home and attend the class in the afternoon and take the Math test with my classmates. I think I did pretty good in that because I checked and double checked to avoid silly mistakes. I have to show it to my dad that I have good understanding of the concepts in Math and I can do well in the test in less time.

I have been feeling good these days with lot of energy and good appetite. I even started my Spanish classes on Vgo. It was so cool but I have a lot to catch up. These days my mom and brother keep asking me what I want for my birthday. I told my mom that from God I want good health so that I can be like normal kid who can go to school and play hockey again. Also I think I have everything so I told my brother that I do not need anything at this time. I just want to get better soon. I am very excited for my B’day.

On Thursday Jan 31st, while we were watching the Rangers vs Devils game, we started to talk about me playing hockey again. My mom started to question me if I really think if I want to play hockey again and if I have it in me to work very hard to get back on the ice. I said to her “Of course I am going to play hockey again. So what it takes me more time to get stronger but I still have my skills and soon I will be able to go back to running fast again.” I know I have lot of wonderful coaches who I can go to help me out when I am ready. On Friday I went to bed all excited to wake up on Saturday as an 11yr old.

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