Day 16 – 17

I cannot believe we are in September already and my school is going to open soon. I went for the blood work today to the Lab corp and it was very quick. Doctor wants to see if my blood counts are dangerously low or are they okay. In the evening, my mom got the call from the nurse. She said all my blood work looks good and my hemoglobin is up again. I can’t believe I know all these big medical words now. I think I am going to be Doctor one day and can use all these words that I learnt. That will be so cool!

I want to thank everyone who is supporting me in many ways throughout my journey. I have received so many inspiring messages from lot of nice people, some of which I do not even know, that I feel so special. This is helping me fight all the boring moments and the disappointment of not being able to go out and play or to go to hockey.

I have been busy with the Percy Jackson book series that my aunt have been sending me one after another… Thank you!

Also I got another huge Lego set with more than 2000 pieces to see how long it takes me IMG_20180906_182238889to finish this. Thanks to my aunt who surprised me with it! Man! Box is arms got really tired just holding it to take the picture.

I even got a hockey puck from Canada from my friend. That was so nice of him.

I forgot to mention last time that I received a nice email from my 4th Grade teacher. I was so amazed to see that she would do that for me. Thank you everyone from my heart!

I am still going crazy with my food demands from my parents. I think I am gaining weight on my face too much and my mom is enjoying pulling my cheeks which I literally never had before. I have the next chemotherapy treatment tomorrow so I will miss the first day of the school. Sad ! I hope the doctor will allow me to go to school on Friday!

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