Day 206 – 212

COLOR_POPWhat a crazy week this was ! On Monday, March 11th, when I went for my blood counts, I knew they were going to be low and there it was only 210 ANC but my hemoglobin was still good 12.1. Thank God, I was not supposed to get any chemo this week. I told the nurse about my pain and she said that it may even get worse for few days before getting better but she was okay with one dose of Mortrin because my platelet counts were fine. I came home very tired and restless. Later in the afternoon, the pain in my back and the hips suddenly got so bad that I could not walk, sit or stand. I was screaming and crying, making everyone worried.  My grandpa tried to help me by massaging but nothing was making it better. At last, my mom took my temperature first and then gave me the Mortrin which slowly started to work. By the end of the day, I was a different person and this continued for the days to come. I did not know that one dose of Motrin has such an amazing effect.

IMG_20190314_225711961So the other interesting thing that happened this week was related to my hair. I was sitting at my desk attending the school and I just felt an itch in the back of my head so I scratched. You would not believe what happened after that. I got a big bunch of my hair in my hand. I could not believe it and touched the back of my head again…there it was a big bunch of hair again. So I knew it is really happening what the doctor had said that I am going to lose all my hair this month. In the evening I showed my mom the garbage bin in my room with the hair.  My mom was shocked and started to get emotional. I said to my mom, “it’s okay mummy. The stuff happens and at least I will get good hair after all this is over.”  My mom said that she was amazed to see that nothing bothers me and how strong I am. From that day onwards, I have been losing my hair crazily and they are everywhere, in my bed, on the blankets, in my hat, on the back of my shirts. So crazy! My dad and I have been joking around that I am going to go bald before him so I am going to look older than him soon…he should be listening to me now…LOL!!!

Even though I was not enjoying my look now but I was certainly having good time with the food. Since I did not have the chemo this week, I was able to eat very well and enjoyed every bite. I got to go out to eat once with my family and spend time in my backyard with the nice weather in the late afternoon when direct sunlight was not there as I need to stay away from that.  This is what I really miss….going

3 thoughts on “Day 206 – 212

  1. troy March 25, 2019 / 4:29 pm

    Hi Arjun just stopping in to say HI and we are thinking about you !

    Troy Jr.


  2. Ansh A. March 30, 2019 / 5:15 pm

    Hey Arjun,

    Feel better soon.

    -Ansh A.


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