Day 124 – 126 – Start 3rd phase of Chemo

IMG_20181220_172642719Thursday December 20th, morning was little rough as I was scared and nervous about my MRD results and blood counts. My dad and I reached the hospital early morning as usual. The nurse took the blood through my port and then we waited and waited. No one knew about the MRD test results yet. I got the first good news after an hour that my ANC went up to 1390. Hurray! That means I will start my treatment today. I was attending my school via the robot when I heard my dad asking from the doctor “What is the result of the MRD test?”  I quickly turned to hear what he had to say. The doctor happily said “It came out negative”. It means that my bone marrow is good and there are no more cancer cells. I got really excited and dabbed. I muted myself on the Vgo and started to dance in my seat. I could see my dad super happy and I could hear my mom over the phone cheering up. My dad said “Congratulations Arjun! This is the best news ever”. My mom was right. Everything is going to be good from now on.

They took me for the anesthesia for the spinal tap. Now I know how it goes so I told my dad that he could wait for me outside and I will be fine. Later, in the recovery room, the doctor was explaining about the chemotherapy medication I was going to get this time but I already knew all about it. My mom had told me that this medicine is very toxic so I will get another medicine to decrease the toxicity. I asked the doctor about what does the toxicity do to me.  Doctor was very impressed that I knew all about my medicines. He said “You are on top of your things. I think you will become a good doctor because you have good curiosity to learn about things.”

IMG_20181221_114218317I was finally admitted to the pediatric floor in the late evening after a loooong wait in the recovery room. They had started my medicine in the clinic and it looked like lemonade. My dad and I were laughing saying that I am drinking a lot of lemonade. Everything was fine until the night when I started to throw up. It did not feel good.  Anything I tried to eat would make me vomit. One time it went into my nose too and I sneezed and sneezed..maybe 100 times. Next morning was the same. I could not even attend my class. Later in the day, I met some therapy dogs. They were cute, nice and soft. I love animals so it was a cool experience. I started to feel little better in the evening of Friday after they started the IV fluids.

So now they were checking my blood for the toxicity after the medicine. They checked at 24hrs, 42 hrs and 48hrs. I did very well on all of them I was less than 0.4 by 48 hr mark which means I could be allowed to go home on Sunday. I was happy but I do not like them taking the blood out again and again from my port because then they do the saline every time. It does not feel good going through my port. It is the hardest part sometimes. I also have to do these 2 mouth washes many times in the day so that i do not get sores in my mouth because of the medicine. it is tough in the middle of the night to do them.

My mom stayed over on Saturday with me. I told her that daddy did the hard part with my throwing up and now it is the easy part left for her. My mom and I spent time playing board games, walking in the hallway and watching the TV series together. But I still miss my own bed at home and playing with my brother. I cannot wait to go home. I hope my numbers are good enough for the doctor to send me home tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Day 124 – 126 – Start 3rd phase of Chemo

  1. Priya & Shrini December 24, 2018 / 6:43 am

    Dear Arjun

    We were so happy to hear mom that you could start your 3rd phase. Also so exciting to hear that you are able to actively participate in class via the robot. Sathvik was telling us it’s super cool! Hope to see you back home very soon! Just know that the strength that you and your family show everyday is an inspiration to us all. I was telling mom that I’m positive that Arjun is going to be an amazing doctor when he grows up!

    See you very soon!
    Priya aunty and Shrini uncle


  2. John Marley December 24, 2018 / 10:06 am


    That’s great news! So happy to hear you are starting Phase 3 of your treatment. One step closer to the finish line on your rode to recovery.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    Coach John


  3. Nick Farina December 24, 2018 / 1:13 pm

    Arjun – congratulations on being MRD negative!! That is a HUGE milestone my friend. You should be very proud of yourself for being so tough/strong/resilient throughout this early part of treatment. Keep that big, bright smile and extremely positive attitude going. You are an inspiration to many! Happy Holidays! – Nick (Jacks Dad)


  4. Neha December 25, 2018 / 11:12 pm

    Congratulations Arjun for starting your phase 3 treatment. You have come a long way since you got diagnosed with leukemia and to see how you cheerfully faced all ups and downs in this journey is an inspiration to everyone. I kept reading in your blog how you wonder and hope to be helpful to others in your life…you don’t even know how many lives you have already changed. You are an extraordinary person with a golden heart … may you be blessed forever with love, success, perfect health and happiness.


  5. Anonymous December 17, 2019 / 9:55 pm

    Your story truly amazes me I am scared of doing something I have done since I was 3 and here you are battling cancer keep fighting!!


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