Day 113 – 115

IMG_20181212_113515893Monday Dec 10th, my morning started off with the blood work at 5:30 in the morning and me feeling a little less cold. My tests results showed my hemoglobin 10.1 and my ANC still 30. I was still getting the antibiotics every 8 hours through the port and continuous IV fluids.  Good news was my temp came normal now. It was staying at 99deg.  Hah!..that was a relief! I still had to stay in the hospital because my ANC was still very low and they were waiting for the blood culture results. It was an okay day for me as I just was not feeling right. Best part was face timing with my mom, my brother and grandma many times during the day so I feel I am with them. I love face time!

Next morning, I was feeling much better and I had a good night sleep. My blood test results showed my ANC was 60 so it is going in the right direction but not high enough for me to go home yet. Not a good news but to cheer me up I got the great news. My hospital counselor went to my school with the Vgo robot to give the demo to the teachers.  I was speechless when I saw my teachers through the robot and that I was able to communicate with all my teachers and move it around through the controls on my Ipad. It was amazing! Later that afternoon, I was able to attend one of my social studies class which they dedicated to Vgo robot introduction into the class and everyone talking to me through that. It was soooo cool! It was the best time utilization with lot of fun. I felt like I was in the class and I cannot wait to be able to attend all the classes. Now I do not have to keep watching the ipad for unnecessary reason to pass the time. In the evening, I found out that my bacterial culture was also negative so I have no infections. So they stopped the antibiotics and I was okay to go home next day.  It was a great day with all the good news!

IMG_20181212_113800822Wednesday morning, I was able to attend my morning literacy class and it went smoothly. I even did the small group activity with my friends which was awesome. Robot is a hit! My ANC was still 50 but my WBC were getting better so the doctor discharged me from the hospital. I was the happiest person today as I can go home to my family and sleep in my own bed!

As I was getting ready to leave, I met the Santa and the police officers who gave us a lot presents to take home. I got some good ones for my brother because he could not go to the holiday party because of me. It was a good and happy drive home thinking about good home food and my bed!

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