Day 28

Today was a good day as I woke up fresh with long hour of sleep after many days. Since my grandma is here so I was able to spend my time with her explaining her how it all happened and what safety precautions she has to take with me.

IMG_20180916_132613033Most interesting part of the day was the shopping for the shoes. I went out with my parents and my little brother to the mall and then straight to eat something first.  After that, we got few pair of shoes for my brother and I within 25 minutes. Then started my restlessness for food again. We found few places to eat but my mom was not happy with some of them as they were not very clean but I just wanted to eat those noodles and dumplings. I was driving my parents crazy with my cravings. So in the entire 2 hour period we were out, we only spent 25 mins for shoe shopping and rest of the time on food within the mall and stopping on the way to home.  This is making me very agitated and cranky too and I may be a little disrespectful to my parents at times. I make sure I apologize to them.

I still get these back pains with all this weight in my belly so I have to daily exercises with my mom as it is so hard to sleep now. I am using 2 pillows to keep myself raised up so that I can breathe better while sleeping. I like the school days better as I get tired at the end of the day so I sleep faster.

I cannot wait to try the school bus tomorrow! I am both excited and nervous about riding the bus. Will let you know how it went.

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